The Amdur Fine Gallery
Welcome to the Amdur Fine Gallery - Contemporary Art, Tiberias, Israel
The Amdur Fine Gallery of Contemporary Art attributes its name to two families that have pioneered the State of Israel. In this same pioneer spirit the owner and director of the Gallery, Talya Polinger, has founded the first contemporary art gallery in the heart of the Galilean city of Tiberias - on the picturesque cobblestone street of H'Kishon between H'banam and H'Galil Streets.

The vision for the gallery is to provide a beautiful and dynamic venue for the original exclusive works of established and emerging Israeli contemporary artists, which will enrich and intrigue the community of Tiberias, the surrounding settlements, and those visiting the city from within Israel and internationally.

Current Exhibition: Meet the House Artists - Signature Works
In this first Exhibition of the Gallery the signature works of each House Artist are presented. Each piece selected is meant to introduce the unique and individual approach, tone and texture of each artist and to initiate a collective "dialogue" between the artists and the community.

House Artists
Amos Yaskil - Painter & Sculpture, Johanan Herson - Painter, Sculpture & Actor, Lewis & Lazar - Sculptures, Marlene Ferrer - Painter, Sculpture & Clothing Designer, Meira Meisler - Jeweler, Michal Perry - Painter, Mira Maylor - Sculpture, Nadia Schoenzwytt - Sculpture, Shlomo Raviv - Sculpture, Talya Polinger Painter,Jeweler, Furniture Designer & Singer, Uri Mazar - Painter.

"Art is nourishment to the life, fullness and beauty to the community."
Talya Polinger

Gallery Hours:
Sun. - Thur.: 13:00 - 22:00
Fri.: 10:00 - 15:00
Also by appointment

Contact info:
Talya Polinger, Owner & Director
Amdur Fine Gallery, Tiberias, Israel
Tel: 04-873-5152,
Cell: 052-482-4967,